Con Spirito Rounds

Con Spirito

 Con Spirito bestaan uit twee rondtes: 

Provinsiale Rondte:
Provinsiale rondtes (1ste Rondtes) word oor die hele land op verskillende plekke gehou. Lokale en datums sal op ons aanlyn-registrasie profiel beskikbaar gestel word.

Deelnemers wat die itemwenners tydens die Provinsiale Rondtes is, gaan deur na die Forte rondte.

Nasionale Forte Rondte:
Con Spirito Nasionale Forte Rondte 2020 sal gehou word tydens die  21ste - 28ste Augustus 2020 by Leeuwenhof Akademie, Bedfordview, Johannesburg.

Sien asb die aangehegte OPGEDATEERDE skedule vir 2020 hieronder:

General Rules and Regulations:

Participants agrees to abide by the following rules and regulations by entering any Provincial/Forte Rounds:

1. Entries:
All entries are to be done via our on-line portal:  All manual entries, including but not limited to e-mail entries, will be liable for a R100 administration fee.  All payments to be done online via the secure Payfast portal.  You will receive a unique reference number upon completion of payment.  No person will be allowed to partake in the competition unless full payment has been received.

Entry fees are not refundable, except in cases where the specific competition/section does not take place.

Learners may enter privately or through their schools.  Contestants must participate in grades.

Only ONE entry may be submitted for the same item. (E.g. only ONE entry for dramatic poetry)

You can download and complete the "Manual Entry Form" / "Inskrywingsvorm" for all manual entries, but please add an additional R100 per contestant administration fee on top op your entry fees.

2. Closing Dates:
Closing dates differ for each entry. Refer to our online portal for more information:
Late entries will NOT be accepted, unless the programme allow it and at the sole discretion of the event coordinator. Take note that entry fees for late entries are doubled.

Kindly complete the "Individual Late Entry Form" / "Individuele Laat Inskrywingsvorm" for all individual late entry requests and submit electronically to 

Kindly complete the "Group Late Entry Form" / "Groep Laat Inskrywingsvorm" for all group late entry requests and submit electronically to 

3. Official Program:
• An official program will be made available prior to competition. Participants who are unable to attend during their assigned slot for
  the Provincial round, will be given an alternative date, but will not be eligible to be an item winner for that specific category. Kindly
  send an e-mail to if you are unable to attend your session.

• A complete program will be sent out to all provincial item winners who have entered for the Forte Round.  Ensure that all information is
  correct i.e. grade of the participant, individual participant number, correct performance information (genres) etc. 

• Kindly note that no out of section performances will be allowed. 

4. Performances:
• Contestants may enter under own choice and/or prepared pieces as prescribed by Con Spirito.

• Contestants must present the adjudicator with a copy of their piece that they will be performing. Remember, the choice of a piece    
   must suit the age of the contestant and is adjudicated accordingly.

• Contestants who do not comply with the rules and regulations, will be disqualified.

• No contestant or group may present the same work in two consecutive years.

• Time limits for items as indicated in the prospectus may not be exceeded.

• Should an item be delivered by a group of learners form different grades, the adjudication will take place according to the contestant
   in the highest grade.

• Items can be performed in Afrikaans and/or English. Please ensure that you select the correct category.

6. Time Limits For Performances:
• Dance Performances are limited to 2.5 minutes per performance.

• Vocal / Instrumental Performances are limited to 2 min per performance. 

• For Acting, Reading, Public Speaking, Choirs and Vocal Groups, please refer to the Competition Guidelines Page.

There will be strict monitoring of time limits and participants WILL BE stopped if their performances exceed the abovementioned times.

7. Accompanying Music (Backtracks):
All music must be submitted online to the link provided on the website online portal. Kindly ensure that your music are uploaded correctly and that you adhere to the required time limits. If you exceed the time limits, you will not be able to upload your music.
MP3 files will be accepted.

Please make sure that you bring along a backup version on USB on the day of the competition.

8. Genre Descriptions:
Please click on our Genre Description link for the detailed list of the various genre descriptions.

9. Additional Fees:
All travel and accommodation costs, entry fees and expenses are for the participant’s own expense. 

Due to the upfront nature of event costs entry fees are non-refundable. We have a uniform policy that entry fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. This policy stays in effect whether you are injured, have an unexpected business trip, family emergency, illness, pregnancy, etc.  All participants acknowledge and accept this policy during the registration process. Thank you for understanding.

The decision of the judges in all competitive areas will be final.

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